Why Integrity is Everything in Business

April 2, 2021
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Imagine working for or supporting a dishonest company or organization. As an employee, you might feel uneasy, and as a customer you might feel duped. These are the feelings that can arise when a business does not value integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, according to Oxford Languages. A company that upholds this quality is more likely to be successful and retain employees. Integrity can improve a business’s employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and overall contribution to society. Employees are much more likely to stay loyal to a company with integrity. 

Employee Satisfaction

Integrity creates a positive workplace culture. Leaders need to treat employees with respect and trust, which they will reciprocate, and it will build a positive relationship. For example, if an employee would like a more flexible schedule, but is too afraid to ask, she might look for a new position elsewhere. If that same employee was comfortable with her leader because of his integrity, she might be able to stay loyal to the company. As far as new employees go, younger talented employees are looking for companies with social and ethical awareness, which goes hand in hand with integrity. These employees will be attracted to your company, and customers will be too. 


Customer Satisfaction

Now, more than ever, customers are researching companies before investing in them through purchasing their products. According to Forbes, 60% of young consumers research the ethics and integrity of a company before purchasing. What’s more, if they find the company to be unethical, they may also bash them on social media in addition to not making a purchase. Not all publicity is good. Customers will know if your company has integrity by the actions you take with social and ethical issues as well as what your current employees say about the company. They will be more satisfied, and therefore more loyal, if they are purchasing items from a company with integrity. Companies like this are more likely to contribute positively to society, which is why people want to support them. 


Overall Contribution to Society

A business with integrity assumes a positive social and ethical responsibility to the community. If a company has integrity, it is likely that company contributes somehow to needs locally. For example, a company like this may donate to the food shelf, spend time delivering meals to elderly, or volunteer to serve as mentors to children. The reason for this is obviously twofold. It is, of course, great for the local community to have businesses contributing, but it is also great for potential customers to see businesses contributing in this way. This is the kind of publicity you want for your community. However, if you are doing this with integrity, you are not contributing for the latter reason; you truly want your community to succeed at the hands of your organization. This is integrity. 

Having honesty and strong moral principles is not something the capital world is known for, but we would live in a better world if it was. No matter how small your business is, you can make a positive impact on your employees, customers, and society by upholding integrity in your organization. Integrity will blossom into these areas, making your business a success.