What Should You Keep in Your Safe Deposit Box?

October 25, 2022
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Everybody has their own important documents or valuables that they want to keep safe. We like to think that the comfort of our homes is enough for those valuables, but it is best to take an extra step and buy a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are extremely useful when it comes to those important papers that you do not need often, but will absolutely need in the future.

What to keep in them

The items that you would want to store in a safe deposit box are a wide range of important documents and valuables. This can include social security cards, birth certificates, home insurance claims, marriage licenses, car or house documents, military records, or degrees and diplomas. And you may want to put other things besides paperwork in there as well. If you have a piece of important heirloom jewelry, particular photos, or any size permitting item that you would like to keep in there. Being able to keep these items that have sentimental value to you in this box will keep you from it costing you in the long run.

What NOT to keep in them

Things that you may not want to keep in your safe deposit boxes are anything that you may need quickly. This may include a living or final will or power of attorney, or even things like a passport. If something terrible may happen to you, it may make it complicated for someone else to get inside your safe deposit box. Your family will need to grab the things in your safe deposit box and since it is purposely secure, it can be very difficult to open them unless proper instruction was recommended beforehand.

Other items to consider

Since safe deposit boxes are secure, it may be a good idea to speak with a spouse or family member and give them access to how to open the box. This will ensure that someone else besides yourself knows how to get in and make sure that these documents can be retrieved whenever the case may be. Also when picking out a box, make sure that the box is able to withstand any natural disasters. Most boxes are strong enough to resist these weather occurrences or fires, but it is always a good idea to put a plastic bag or other containers to hold these valuables. It is also a good idea to make extra copies of these important documents separate from the originals, just in case.