Using Storytelling in Business

March 23, 2021
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Strong storytelling is so important in business. This story tells consumers who you are and why they should buy from you. A good brand story can create and inspire those in the company as well as potential consumers to go with you for their needs or share the message of your brand. Continue reading to learn more about how to create a strong story for potential customers to learn more about your business.  

Grab the Reader’s Attention

The origin story of your business does not have to be big and flashy, however, it should be engaging and focused. Make sure you establish what your story is about early on, otherwise you may risk consumers losing focus. Some questions that you should answer in your story are:

  • Who is telling this story?
  • When and where did this story begin/take place?
  • Why is this story being told?
  • What challenges were faced?
  • What is the ultimate goal trying to be achieved?

By giving more background information, you allow the reader to accurately follow and create a mental picture of your company’s story on their own. They can relate to challenges and goals your business has worked through and reached and build their own impression of your business and those who created it.

Be Truthful

Not every business is going to have an amazing back story on how it was started. For example, Walt and Roy Disney created their first animated movie in their uncle’s garage. Today, Disney is one of the largest media companies in the world. Maybe you don’t have as inspiring of a story as Disney, but your story, when well written, can tell the world the story of your business and your purpose. Honesty is majorly important in the story of your business. Don’t embellish the truth to make it sound more exciting. Consumers have loads of information at their fingertips, so if it is discovered that you lied about how your business began, it may make it hard for potential customers to believe you are the right business to go with for what they need. Having a truthful and genuine narrative often connects more with readers than an elaborate one. Being open about how your company began shows transparency and that you are trustworthy and open.

Leave the Reader with Something

Your story should leave the reader with a lesson or moral that was taught during the reading. Your business may have had to overcome hardship to become successful. Highlight what the journey taught you about owning a business and growing as a person. These types of reflections help readers/consumers relate to you and your brand. Provide your reader a hopeful and thought-provoking message with a call to action to inspire them to connect with you and with your company.

Always be Consistent

The story of your brand should be unchanging. It is ok to go in from time to time and change the wording or layout, however, the overall message should stay the same. Having a consistent brand story allows for a memorable connection to be made with consumers and sets you apart from your competitors. If your story is always changing, it is easy for your company to get lost in the shuffle. Practice sharing your brand’s story and know it inside and out so that it is always presented in the same way.


The story of your business and why you started it does not have to be fancy and dramatic. As your brand grows and changes, you get to add new parts to your business’ story. By making storytelling an essential part of your business you can grow your customer base and retain those customers.