The Smart Way To Merge With A Competitor

July 15, 2019
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Besides eliminating competition, buying out another business is a positive way to bring two companies together to create a better product or service. Taking on another business can also be very risky and could hurt you in the long run or not be worth the time or money invested in the deal. There is a smart way to merge as well as some things to consider before making that big decision.

Would A Merger Streamline Things for you?

Having one less competitor is obvious but, one of the major factors of buying out another business is having the benefit of streamlining. Tasks and procedures should get easier bringing in the company more profits.

Does the company have something you don’t?

If the company has everything you already have, buying and merging might not be a great idea. They should have something you need but don’t or you have something to bring to them. A good example would be if an online store sees the opportunity to merge with a similar business with a storefront or the other way around; if an established brick and mortar business wants to expand customer base by absorbing a similar business operating entirely online.

Will it come with extra costs or expenses attached?

Take notice of anything extra that could be an added cost that you didn’t have prior to a merge. One of the most common things to consider if both companies have insurance, which one will be more expensive? Consider the cost of premiums along with how many claims have been filed that could affect pricing.

Do both parties have their finances in order?

Before even considering buying out a competitor, make sure you have all your finances in line to see if it’s even a possibility. Looks the finances of the business you are looking into purchasing: do they have liabilities and debts and if so how much? Their debts will become your debts so really dig into those and see if a merger would be worth it.

Have you done your homework on the company?

It’s best to see all the potential pros and cons that could come from buying out this company. Looking at the accounts receivable and payable as well as inventory will give you a better idea where they sit. Interview the employees to see if they are satisfied with the company and procedures in place. They will be a great resource and insight on what does or could work well.