The Advantages of being a Good Writer in Business

March 16, 2021
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Writing may not seem critically important in everyday business operations, but it actually plays a bigger role than you realize. Having skills as a writer in business can put you leaps and bounds ahead of those in your industry. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of being a good writer in your business.

Effective Communication

Corresponding with employees, partners, and stakeholders is a crucial element in a business’s structure and well-being. Communicating effectively, especially in writing, helps those around you better understand the current state of your business. It is important that your message is clear and easily understandable. If your message is hard to understand or poorly worded, it may lead to a misunderstanding by those receiving your message. 

Shows Intelligence and Professionalism

You won’t have to do much writing in all industries, but when it is asked of you, you should be able to put together a well thought out and grammatically correct document. Take time to edit and reread what you have written. This message will be shared with others, who in turn, may use this as a way to judge your writing skills and professionalism. It also shows that you are a credible resource and that you take time to thoroughly explain your thoughts and ideas. By skipping proof-reading or using slang in professional writings, may reflect on you poorly. Others may view you as incompetent or unable to handle the work they’ve been given. Even if you aren’t a great speller or a strong writer, by taking time to proofread and look over your writings, you can set yourself apart from the rest.

Be Influential

A strong writer is able to make others feel through their writing. Having good persuasion skills will help you lead others to your way of seeing things. Having the ability to create a call to action for your team is crucial in motivating others in helping achieve goals. If you believe changes are needed in order to work better, or you have an idea that you think will set yourself and your team apart from your competitors, you better be prepared to provide strong points and be convincing.

Strengthen your Web Presence

Having a strong online presence for yourself or your business is so important. Now, more than ever before, people turn to the internet for answers to all of their questions. Providing well-written and helpful content can help attract a larger customer base to your business. For example, you are reading a blog on CSB’s website because it is providing you information that will help you learn and grow. We generate these articles because we want to expand our reach and help those looking to improve themselves and their businesses. In turn, you will be viewed as a credible and helpful resource for current or future needs by those consumers.


Having strong writing skills is also very helpful on a personal level. By being able to create content that can inspire others or even leads to successfully completing a project, you build your own credibility up to those around you. You are viewed as an asset for your skills and this puts you steps ahead of those at your same level. Your company may view you as the one to go to when any important information is needing to be communicated to customers or the company as a whole. By taking on more responsibility, you will gain a leg up in your career.


Writing well does not come naturally to all of us. Do you have to be William Shakespeare to draft a professional email? Absolutely not. However, with practice and taking time to proofread your writings, you can begin to show your professional skill and ability. When you have mastered both verbal and written communication, you will be unstoppable.