Reasons to Have a Mentor to Guide Your Success as a Leader

July 23, 2020
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When you first start down your career path, it can easily become overwhelming without proper guidance. Having someone there who has traveled down the same path before you can prove to be valuable in your personal and professional life. Continue reading to learn more reasons having a mentor may be a smart choice for you. 


Having a mentor is a great way to motivate you. They have experienced the same challenges you have and can give you the perspective of someone who found the other side. They can also be the one to push you when they see you are not living up to your full potential. They will also be your loudest cheerleader when you do succeed and can help guide you to the best opportunities.


Navigating the business world when you first start out can be very stressful. Your daily life can start to feel overwhelming if you have no one to give you advice. When you are struggling with a decision or you’re not sure you’re making the right choice, your mentor can offer sage advice and help you reach a decision.

Training and Resources

Mentors are extremely valuable when it comes to job experience and educational resources. You can shadow your mentor in their daily life and see what it is like to work in their field. They can also help get you in contact with the best experts on subjects that you need to learn to be successful. Mentors can also help you learn from your experiences and offer up their experiences and lessons they have experienced themselves. 


When you complete a project or accomplish something, your mentor can offer you valuable feedback. They can give their professional opinion and also give constructive criticism on what you should adjust for future projects. If they see that you can give more of yourself, they can be the ones to help you get your work in order if you need it. 

Finding a Mentor

Obviously, having a mentor offers a lot of valuable opportunities and help. Finding a mentor may feel like a challenge, but there are some simple places you can start looking for your future mentor. Work-related events, like professional mixers, are a great place to start. Younger professionals may benefit from joining a local chapter of a young professionals club. If you don’t have either in your area, joining LinkedIn and participating in networking through their platform can also be very beneficial. 

When you find a mentor, it is important that you take advantage of all of the opportunities they offer you. They have been where you once stood. If they give you advice or wisdom, don’t brush it off. Take their time seriously and make sure you show that you are appreciative of their time.