Employee Growth Plans – Why They Are More Important Than Ever

Posted by Jennifer MonkPosted on Leadership, Recruitment & Retention


In today’s world, it is extremely important that organizations value growth among their members. If companies want to continue to grow in all aspects of business it is very beneficial for them to provide various growth opportunities to their employees. Expanding the knowledge of employees helps them grow in their current role as well as gain skills to progress into … Read More

Mental Health Awareness for Your Organization

Posted by Jess AulwesPosted on Operations & Processes


Oftentimes in a meeting we might hear “take care of your mental health,” usually coming from leadership. A manager might suggest you “go home and relax” as an effort to protect your mental health. The problem is if there is a true mental health issue, “relaxing” isn’t going to solve it. Going home and taking a bath isn’t going to … Read More

Importance of Sharing Financials with Your Ag Lender

Posted by Scott WegmannPosted on Ag


While the agriculture business is founded on principles of independence, when it comes to finances it is important to let your lender see the details. Sharing your financials with your agriculture lender is important for building a lasting relationship with the lender. When you are open about your finances, you open the lines of communication, which builds trust, and the … Read More

Importance of Secure Passwords

Posted by Rachel HauckPosted on Operations & Processes, Uncategorized


Protection It is extremely important to choose passwords that protect your personal information. There are many types of dangerous identities that are working every day to steal your personal information such as hackers and malicious software. There are many ways for hackers to steal your information. They have resources to buy your passwords of the dark web, manual guessing, and … Read More

How to Build a Succession Plan

Posted by Luke BradyPosted on Operations & Processes


Succession planning is the process of identifying and training potential leaders in your organization. This includes not only leaders at the top but all leadership roles in your business. The idea of succession planning is to prepare your organization for all scenarios, and it can help retain employees if they know there are advancement opportunities for them in the future. … Read More

Employee Reviews-What is Important to Communicate

Posted by Kent StockPosted on Recruitment & Retention


Employee reviews are a necessary part of keeping a business running successfully. Your employees appreciate receiving feedback, both positive and negative. According to MIT Human Resources, “The performance review is a crucial part of the ongoing dialogue between managers and employees.” If employees expect regular and thorough reviews, there is less room for guesswork on their part as to what … Read More

Iowa Derecho: A Look One Year Later

Posted by Carrie WilkinsonPosted on Ag


Last year is memorable to everyone as the year of the COVID pandemic, but to farmers in the corn belt of the midwest, the derecho was the reason 2020 is so memorable. The derecho, an intense and devastating thunderstorm spanning over 700 miles, hit on August 10th. The most affected area of this storm was Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 2021, … Read More

The Importance of Smart & Strategic Social Networking

Posted by Kent StockPosted on Money & Metrics


The majority of successful businesses use social media to gain and maintain customers or clients. This use has been steadily increasing since 2013, and will continue to rise as innovative social media platforms are conceived. There are benefits to using social media as a marketing tool, but it is not as easy as it seems.  Benefits of Social Networking  Specifically, … Read More

How Short-Term Marketing Decisions Affect Your Long-Term Financial Upside

Posted by Chad KreelPosted on Marketing & Selling, Money & Metrics


Marketing has drastically changed over the last 20 years with the introduction of social media. Even if you were trained in marketing strategies years ago, chances are you are not familiar with the current platforms your customers are using. Short-term marketing strategies are important for immediate boosts in business, but they do not guarantee long-term growth or success on their … Read More

Essential Technology for Running an Efficient Ag Operation

Posted by Liz RudePosted on Ag


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. “Essential” technology, both in the home and in the workplace has changed drastically over the last decade, and it will continue to change over the next. Technology gives us the ability to do everyday tasks more efficiently, which certainly also applies to farming. Some technologies aid farmers in an increase … Read More