Instagram Tips for Businesses

September 20, 2019
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Instagram is a very worthwhile marketing tool to use for your business. This platform is great for interacting and engaging with your current clientele and your audience of prospects. While some organizations go in-depth with Instagram for business, not all businesses have to; here are some basic tips that work for even the smallest establishments.

Tell stories

Use photos that could tell a client’s testimony or if any employee would want to share a story they feel your audience could relate to. What would make your followers feel your business could benefit them? Talk with them instead of at them. Besides photos, use the Stories feature to give your audience a glimpse making them more intrigued and wanting to see more.

Show what you do in a creative way

Sum up what goods or services you provide in a post. Use eye-catching photos, something that would really stand out as users scroll through their news feed. Try and stick to an overall theme with posts. While each post is unique they should all relate to each other.

Go behind the scenes

Show what goes on that customers don’t see. For example, if you have a business that sells products online, show the product in the process of being assembled or post a photo of orders that are ready to be shipped out. If you provide a service, show you and/or your employees in action. Show them your team doing what they do best.

Collaborate and @mention others

Collaborating with other businesses who are also Instagram users is a great way to promote both sides. Sometimes just even doing shout outs by mentioning someone else can do just as well as a full-on partnership promotion.

#hashtags are a must

Other than crafting very clever captions for your photos, it’s important to use #hashtags on each post. These index words or phrases are for users to find content on what interests them. A good number of them should be used but not too many. Create a custom hashtag for your business or for events you host so you can reach a wider audience.

Schedule out postings and stories

Have a social media posting calendar and coordinate on what days you are posting and if they fall around any promotions you have. Try not to post more than once a day. If your business has a blog on its website, use the Stories feature to highlight the new blog and have the link via the ‘swiping up’ function.