Influence Your Staff to Be Effective Leaders

July 25, 2019
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Leadership is a trait that comes naturally to some or eventually evolves in others. It’s important to have these skills when leading a team in the professional world. These traits can also be passed on when working and developing your staff. How does a leader teach someone how to lead? Here are some great basics when laying that foundation.

Focus on Training

Training your staff provides a strong foundation not only to the company but to each of their own careers. Before they can be great leaders themselves, you have to lead by example and make sure they understand what their duties are.

Hire The Right People

The hiring process should be thought out and not rushed. Take time to review the applicants before selecting those who will move on to be interviewed. Include your current staff in those interviews to see who will be the best fit for the position(s) needed. The right candidate will not only benefit in the long run but so will your staff as they move along into higher roles of leadership.

Follow Up With Staff

Incorporate an annual or semi-annual review to let employees know where they are with their performances. Ask them to define what their short term and long term goals are with the company and how they plan on achieving them. Think about how you can help or mentor them along the way.

Give Credit

Acknowledge a team member who went the extra mile on a project or those who helped achieve a goal. A good leader recognizes the people underneath them and all the work they do.

Bring Employees Out of Comfort Zone

To help employees progress and grow into the company, assign roles that will strengthen their managerial skills. Delegate who will be apart of the decision-making process and where each task will fall under. In order to develop leadership skills, employees need to do things they have never done to become better leaders themselves in the future.

Identify Vision and Common Purpose

As upper management, what is the overall vision for the company you would like to see projected among the team? Identify the roles each person plays and how they can contribute to that vision. What common purpose does everyone have when making decisions for the future is something to remember. Each team member can progress in leadership qualities when asked what they see for the future of the company.

Listen and Encourage

Promote a work environment that encourages support among everyone. Besides lifting up your employees to be the best version of themselves they can be, make them motivated to help out everyone on the team. Let them know you are there to listen to any concerns or question anyone has. A workplace that is open and honest and promotes the importance of listening is essential to create the next waves of future leaders. Positivity brings amazing results.