Farewell to 2021- Important Business Takeaways

January 3, 2022
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In 2020, we were pretty tired of hearing the “new normal” phrase, yet here we are, smack in the middle of our new normal. Your business may have thrived, or maybe you’re still picking up the pieces. Either way, 2021 has left us with important takeaways as we look forward to 2022. 

The Future is Virtual

We started to learn this back in 2020, but after over a year of remote working, businesses have proved they don’t need their brick and mortar to stay afloat. On the contrary, businesses with remote workers and flexible work schedules are thriving. In the struggling labor market, people are looking for these opportunities. Whether you have adopted remote or flexible work schedules, chances are your business has morphed into somewhat of a virtual culture since the spring of 2020. These adaptations will only increase in the coming years. 


Plan for the Worst

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors. Now that we know it is possible for the country to shut down, it’s something for which you can plan. Creating a disaster relief plan is a necessity. If you never use it, great! It will give you peace of mind to know it’s available. The plan should include some type of funding for if/when business slows. 

Adaptability is Key 

Businesses that pivoted quickly were able to survive 2020 and thrive in 2021. If you aren’t quick on your feet with adapting your business, either hire someone who is or make contingency plans. Adapting to your customers’ needs is crucial to maintaining and growing your business. This may mean changing your strategies, offerings, or products. Businesses that are stuck in their ways are just that, stuck, if they’re lucky. The ones that aren’t lucky aren’t around anymore. 


Education Sets You Apart

The internet is obviously not new, but it is making it ever more simple to start a business. This is not to say it is making it easy to maintain a successful business. While Tiktok and Instagram are full of “entrepreneurs,” it is safe to say people still want to work with and invest in businesses with knowledgeable employees. This means you need to invest in the education of both yourself and your employees. Education can be anything from short trainings to long-term certifications. This type of investment will set you apart from all the noise people hear and see online. 

Although we do not know what 2022 has in store for us, we have survived through the unprecedented times of 2020, and picked up the pieces through 2021. Every day is a learning experience for businesses, and the most important takeaway is to put that learning into practice.