Conducting More Effective Staff Meetings

Posted by Kevin ElsburyPosted on Operations & Processes


Couldn’t this have been an email? We hear this all the time from employees after sitting through yet another grueling staff meeting. Both employers and employees can tell when a meeting is ineffective. People are disengaged, they check their devices constantly and stare daggers at the clock as if willing it to tick faster. If you want to have more … Read More

Effective Employee Interviewing in a Competitive Job Market

Posted by Rachel HauckPosted on Recruitment & Retention


Since everyone is hiring right now, the job market has gotten competitive. To hire the right people and have the right people want to work for you, the process starts during the hiring process. Your organization needs to stand out to talented potential employees. Prior to the interview, you’ll need to post an effective job description, followed by facilitating an … Read More

Year-End Bonuses: Benefits and Drawbacks

Posted by Luke BradyPosted on Operations & Processes


As 2021 comes to a close you may be considering doling out year-end bonuses for your employees. A year-end bonus is a lump-sum given to each employee to reward dedication and hard work. Most small-businesses do not offer bonuses, however those that do see the positives. There are both benefits and drawbacks to year-end bonuses.  How much should a year-end … Read More

Cover Crop Benefits

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Ag


One of the ways that farmers can help preserve soil health and promote conservation is through planting cover crops on their farmland. Planting cover crops have been found to enhance soil organic matter, strengthen soil structures and biological functions. CSB Ag Lender, Parker Hunt, adds, “With large heavy rains seemingly more common, a cover crop can provide additional residue and … Read More

The Rapid Increase in New and Used Equipment Costs

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag


For years, tractors have depreciated at 10% per year. This was more or less predictable and reliable, with some minor inconsistencies, until 2021. Now, tractors are appreciating value at 27%. That number is more than a minor inconsistency, and it isn’t stopping in 2021. In 2022, the yield demand is as high as ever, but so are operating costs. The … Read More

Employee Growth Plans – Why They Are More Important Than Ever

Posted by Jennifer MonkPosted on Leadership, Recruitment & Retention


In today’s world, it is extremely important that organizations value growth among their members. If companies want to continue to grow in all aspects of business it is very beneficial for them to provide various growth opportunities to their employees. Expanding the knowledge of employees helps them grow in their current role as well as gain skills to progress into … Read More

Mental Health Awareness for Your Organization

Posted by Jess AulwesPosted on Operations & Processes


Oftentimes in a meeting we might hear “take care of your mental health,” usually coming from leadership. A manager might suggest you “go home and relax” as an effort to protect your mental health. The problem is if there is a true mental health issue, “relaxing” isn’t going to solve it. Going home and taking a bath isn’t going to … Read More

Importance of Sharing Financials with Your Ag Lender

Posted by Scott WegmannPosted on Ag


While the agriculture business is founded on principles of independence, when it comes to finances it is important to let your lender see the details. Sharing your financials with your agriculture lender is important for building a lasting relationship with the lender. When you are open about your finances, you open the lines of communication, which builds trust, and the … Read More

Importance of Secure Passwords

Posted by Rachel HauckPosted on Operations & Processes, Uncategorized


Protection It is extremely important to choose passwords that protect your personal information. There are many types of dangerous identities that are working every day to steal your personal information such as hackers and malicious software. There are many ways for hackers to steal your information. They have resources to buy your passwords of the dark web, manual guessing, and … Read More

How to Build a Succession Plan

Posted by Luke BradyPosted on Operations & Processes


Succession planning is the process of identifying and training potential leaders in your organization. This includes not only leaders at the top but all leadership roles in your business. The idea of succession planning is to prepare your organization for all scenarios, and it can help retain employees if they know there are advancement opportunities for them in the future. … Read More