Energizing Your Team for the New Year!

January 4, 2021
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With a new year right around the corner, it is now time to look to next year and work to prepare. It is easy to lose gas at the end of the year and carry that mentality into the new year. Getting your team energized and ready is the best way to enter the new year with all of your cylinders firing. Keep reading to learn ways to motivate your team for the new year ahead!

Use Goal-Setting and Resolutions

At the start of each new year, talk with your team about what their personal and professional goals are for that year. Setting up one-on-one meetings with each team member is the best way to motivate each and every staff member. Help them outline their personal career goals and encourage them to make goals for themselves in other aspects of their lives. After meeting with everyone individually, talk with the whole group about their goals. Use this meeting time to outline the goals you have for your organization as a whole and strategize with your team on how to reach these team goals. These team goals don’t all have to be professional, if a lot of people want to lose weight, perhaps a group weight loss goal should be set. Just make sure everyone involved actually want to participate, make these types of goals voluntary.  Achieving more personal goals along with professional goals together as a team will help create a stronger band. Everyone should leave the meeting knowing how to contribute to next year’s goals and their roles. 

Celebrate Whenever Possible

It is easy to pass over small victories and not take much time to celebrate. Taking time to celebrate victories of all sizes is a great way to keep your team energized and happy in the new year. Breaking up the monotony of the daily workday is crucial in keeping your employees from feeling overwhelmed. By giving your team small breaks during the day, you keep things fresh and keep energy high. 

Be the Example

The best way to lead is by example. If you want your team to stay positive and optimistic in the new year, you better make sure to be the lightning rod of positivity amongst your team. Share your goals with your team and tell them how you plan to achieve them. Encourage your staff to come to you with their goals and ideas for what they want to achieve in the new year. By sharing your personal goals, you will encourage your team to follow suit. 

Create Team-Building Opportunities

The best way for co-workers to work well together is to provide opportunities for your team to build their professional and personal connections. Offer a break during the day by encouraging staff to participate in different activities and events during the workweek. Choose activities that encourage teamwork and communication. Organize team outings and fun events for your staff to do outside of work hours. Spending time with your team outside of work helps strengthen communication and trust between you and your employees. 

It can be hard to re-energize at the end of the year. With holidays and days off, it is easy to fall into laziness. Hold your team accountable and jump into the new year with both feet.