Efficiently Utilizing your Current Team

January 12, 2021
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This pandemic has brought about a lot of struggles and issues many of us never thought we would have to experience. When many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during these questionable times, it is more critical than ever to learn how to effectively utilize your team to their full potential. Keep reading to learn about how to keep your team working at their best level.

Track Your Productivity

It’s difficult to manage what you cannot measure. Integrate systems into your workplace and business that help track the productivity of your team, starting with a proper time sheet system for employees to use so that they can better track how their workday is spent. There are many different software that can be utilized to help your team track their daily productivity.

Take Time to Analyze

Now that you have implemented this new time recording software, it is important to analyze this data closely. Take time to define the status of different activities performed by your employees. Weigh the time spent by your employees doing productive and nonproductive tasks. Also, define how much time you would personally allow for nonproductive activities. Share these data analyses with your employees and help them have a better understanding of how they are spending their workday and what you expect from them in regards to their productivity.

Create a Plan of Action

Now that you have analyzed the data with your team, it is time to create an action plan. What areas are you and your team needing to improve on? Take time to make a list of what goals are not being met. What steps can you and your team take to meet these goals? Sit down with your team members individually as well as a group and build an action plan with realistic goals in mind. You should also have a realistic timeline for when these goals should be reached. For example, an unrealistic goal would be expecting your team to increase profits 20% by the end of the month. A more realistic version may be a 5% increase per quarter. Again, work with your team on determining these goals. Seeing as they are the ones who have to meet these goals, they should have some say in how they can achieve them.

Create a Productive Working Environment

If you expect your team to have full and productive days, make sure you provide the environment and tools needed to do so. A productive work environment should be a place where employees can share ideas, tap into each other’s knowledge and limit the impact of any absent resource. It is also important to promote a collaborative and synergistic relationship between your employees. When you provide your team with this type of environment where there are common goals shared by employees and everyone shares an individual responsibility for meeting these goals, your business will almost always benefit fairly quickly.

Your team has done so much for you and their business, so make sure you share with them on a fairly regular basis how pleased you are. Keeping that in mind, no human is ever perfect. There is always more we can learn and approve upon. By setting up these goals and action plans you can help guarantee another strong and successful year.