Effective Easter Promotions

April 16, 2019
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When you think of Easter you might think of candy and colorful eggs, but there is more that goes into the holiday than that. Businesses across the country are finding success in running Easter campaigns even though they do not sell sweets or gift baskets, so here are some ways you can run effective Easter promotions this year!

Easter Promotions and Events

Customers love to believe they are getting a deal on products they would use anyway, so running any type of discount or savings for Easter is a good call. You can also run an event on Easter that will make people want to come in to receive the deal or service you are offering.

For example, if you own a restaurant having a special menu is a great opportunity to exploit the holiday. Another way to do that is to have something special going on that is fun and people will not want to miss out on. Bringing the Easter Bunny in is always fun or even decorating your own egg. Do you feel like your business has nothing to promote for this holiday? Then you might want to check out this link of 20 Fun Examples of Non-Traditional Easter Promotions.

Social Media Contest / Egg Hunt

Maybe your small business does not have a physical location, but that does not mean you have to miss out on the holiday campaigns. Hosting a Facebook or Instagram contest is a great way to get your brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms up. You can have a best egg decorating contest where customers post their eggs with a special #Hashtag. SnapChat geofilters is another useful tool in the public relations realm to utilize. Learn where local events are happening and place a fun geofilter that will get your name out there.

An egg hunt can be more work, but is great exposure as kids search for eggs parents are appreciative of not having to hide eggs themselves. You could create an egg hunt for adults too with different prizes.

Banners and Posters

If most of your customers are from your local community then banners and posters up in the community might be enough exposure for you to be successful over Easter.

When creating the banners you will want to keep it simple. Think contrasting and vivid colors to draw consumers’ attention while making your message clear. Placement is also important. You will want to place them in high target market traffic areas, such as intersections or shopping districts.

What ways do you marketing over Easter? Have you done any non-traditional promotional offers or events? Let us know in the comments!