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Tips for Farm Equipment Maintenance

Posted by Liz RudePosted on Ag

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Efficiency and safety go hand-in-hand with farming. Both of these ensure prosperous and successful farming seasons year after year. Maintaining farm equipment is crucial to your farm running smoothly, and keeping your family, employees, and yourself safe. If you have a system to check your equipment and you never cut corners, you’ll be sure to have another fruitful year. Create … Read More

Current Year Cost of Production Estimates for Corn & Soybeans

Posted by Scott WegmannPosted on Ag

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Ag Decision Maker through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach released cost estimates of crop and pasture maintenance for the 2022 year. While the estimates cannot be tailored to each individual farm, they are an average of what a typical farmer can expect. Larger farms and smaller farms may be further away from the estimates due to their fixed costs. … Read More

Considerations Before Making Capital Purchases

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As you know, every farm is different. Because of this, the considerations for capital purchases vary from farm to farm, but there are some general guidelines everyone can follow to create a responsible expenditure plan. Before purchasing that new tractor, building, or piece of land, creating a plan is necessary to remain financially secure. This plan might include tracking costs, … Read More

Record Sales for Land Prices

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

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As prices for everything continue to rise, land prices are no exception. In the fall of 2021, land prices hit a record high, and auctioneers expect prices to stay strong through planting season. To understand the price projections for 2022, one must first look at the reflection of 2021 and the record sales from the fall. Reflection of Land Sales … Read More

Controlling Feed Costs

Posted by Carrie WilkinsonPosted on Ag

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Although farmer yields last year were higher, giving crop farmers a higher income than expected, farmers are always looking for ways to control costs. This allows farmers to budget for smaller crop yields, and for livestock farmers it allows them to grow their operations. There are so many costs of operating a livestock farm, but feed is the only cost … Read More

Cover Crop Benefits

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Ag

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One of the ways that farmers can help preserve soil health and promote conservation is through planting cover crops on their farmland. Planting cover crops have been found to enhance soil organic matter, strengthen soil structures and biological functions. CSB Ag Lender, Parker Hunt, adds, “With large heavy rains seemingly more common, a cover crop can provide additional residue and … Read More

The Rapid Increase in New and Used Equipment Costs

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

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For years, tractors have depreciated at 10% per year. This was more or less predictable and reliable, with some minor inconsistencies, until 2021. Now, tractors are appreciating value at 27%. That number is more than a minor inconsistency, and it isn’t stopping in 2021. In 2022, the yield demand is as high as ever, but so are operating costs. The … Read More

Importance of Sharing Financials with Your Ag Lender

Posted by Scott WegmannPosted on Ag

Csb Sharingfinancials

While the agriculture business is founded on principles of independence, when it comes to finances it is important to let your lender see the details. Sharing your financials with your agriculture lender is important for building a lasting relationship with the lender. When you are open about your finances, you open the lines of communication, which builds trust, and the … Read More

Iowa Derecho: A Look One Year Later

Posted by Carrie WilkinsonPosted on Ag

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Last year is memorable to everyone as the year of the COVID pandemic, but to farmers in the corn belt of the midwest, the derecho was the reason 2020 is so memorable. The derecho, an intense and devastating thunderstorm spanning over 700 miles, hit on August 10th. The most affected area of this storm was Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 2021, … Read More

Essential Technology for Running an Efficient Ag Operation

Posted by Liz RudePosted on Ag

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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. “Essential” technology, both in the home and in the workplace has changed drastically over the last decade, and it will continue to change over the next. Technology gives us the ability to do everyday tasks more efficiently, which certainly also applies to farming. Some technologies aid farmers in an increase … Read More

Importance of Developing a Strong Ag Business Plan

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

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Having a clear and concise business plan is an extremely important step in having a successful business. Creating a business plan is normally done in two parts. The first is creating the plan; the second is implementation. The more specific and detailed your plan is, the easier it is to implement and utilize to build your business. What is a … Read More