Better Management Strategies

May 24, 2019
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It takes the right type of person to lead or manage a team. Sometimes, even those with excellent leadership traits or experience can face certain challenges. The head of an organization is never done learning on what can be done different to increase success in the workplace. Here are several points to consider when you’re wanting to improve your management skills:

Hire The Right People: Take time in reviewing the applicants and selecting who to interview. Think about what questions will be asked; will they help in finding out who the best candidates are for your team?

Set Goals/ Mission: Think of what the goals and/or mission statement are for the company as a whole and how each individual and department will contribute to that vision. Set goals for individuals, teams, departments and what each of them are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Make Assigning Tasks More Effective: Evaluate everyone’s strengths and what they bring to the team. Look at task assigning as a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take on more responsibilities. This could also be a great learning moment and someone may find out they didn’t enjoy something as much as they thought or perhaps they liked doing an assignment they never would have expected to.

Communicate: This is still an important element to focus on. As more companies have more remote employees or offer the option of working from home, knowing how to communicate can make your team more efficient. Make sure e-mails, calendars, and any other correspondence is clear and concise. Keep communication open when working on any team projects so all employees are on track and know where everyone else is.

Practice Good Time Management: Evaluate your own schedule and, if you need to, those of your team. Figure out how to make the best use of your time; are tasks and meetings occurring at the right time of day? Could they be interfering with something else that is more urgent and needing attention? Are meetings becoming less productive? Perhaps an e-mail would be better in this case. Plan your daily and weekly schedule ahead and adjust accordingly.

Give Reviews and Feedback: It’s important that each employee goes through the review process so they know what their strengths are and what areas they need to improve. Focus on the positive but give encouraging feedback on what they could do better. Make it known to them you want them to be the best version of themselves they can be every day.

Do Team Building Events: Use professional development resources and attend a day seminar or have a guest speaker visit the office for a training day. There any many different kinds of team building exercises and activities that can be found on the internet or brought back from any type of conference managers attend.

Set An Example: A big group project or goal is a great way to lead by example. Besides stating what you want to see from your team, extend yourself when you are working on your end. When employees see this in you, it will make them want to work harder to accomplished what was assigned to them.

Celebrate Wins: Do shout outs for any employee you feel deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond. When workers are acknowledged for their efforts they feel appreciated and report high job satisfaction. Give promotions to those who have put in the extra effort and reward their hard work.

Boost Office Morale: Incorporate fun days, activities or food to make the workplace fun and exciting. Do a doughnut day or bring in some type of food for lunch. Perhaps casual Fridays or have a special type of music playing. Celebrate birthday and/or holidays.