Best Office Chairs of 2019

April 30, 2019
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Are you looking to upgrade your office chairs, but not sure which ones to purchase? There are so many options to choose from at various price points with different features. The most important one to keep in mind is durability and how long it will last. Sometimes it’s important to keep in mind that any purchase for your business is an investment and should fit your needs. With that in mind here are the best office chairs of 2019 for your business.

Amazon Office Essentials Mesh Back Swivel Desk Chair

With the cost coming in at about $50 this chair is the cheapest and might be good if you are okay with minimal adjustments. It claims to hold 270 pounds, but reviews suggestion less weight. Also, if you are over 6′ this chair might not be right for you as the arm rests are not height adjustable. The chair height itself is adjustable and the assembly is easy. The back rest is made of breathable mesh to keep you cool while working.

Herman Miller Sayl

Now we get into the mid-range of spending on office chairs with this one coming in at about $500 for the basic model. The benefit here is that Herman Miller chairs offer 12 year warranty which is a long time. It has easy assembly and is made from 93% recycled material so it is good for the environment too. The chair has good lumbar support and there are many color options to choose from when ordering. There is also plenty of air flow to keep you cool. A con to this chair is some reviews say it is not overly comfortable and the arm pads fall off easily.

Knoll ReGeneration

This chair might be the best bang for your buck with the price coming in at $610 with a 12 year warranty. It has a 300 pound weight capacity and lots of options when purchasing such as; cushion fabric, different types of flex backs, and different feet options. With adjustable height, arm rest height, depth of cushion, and lumbar support the adjust-ability for each person is huge.

Humanscale Diffrient Smart

No spelling errors here and this chair costs about $899 with other upgrades available that cost more. It has easy assembly and is environmentally friendly. It has good back support and a comfortable seat. Also, you can change the height and depth of the seat, but it is not good for people over 6’2″ with these minimal adjustments.

Steelcase Leap

Now we are getting into the more expensive chairs, but when it comes to your health it might be worth paying the money for a high quality chair. The Steelcase Leap starts at $1,036 with the ability to choose different colors and a headrest for additional price. The list of benefits to this chair is quite long starting with that it ships fully assembled and the arms are adjustable in four ways (height, width, depth, and pivot). The weight capacity is at 400 pounds and has adjustable lower back firmness. Many times the Steelcase Leap is compared to Herman Miller Embody in many different aspects, but the Leap costs less making it the better buy.

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller has a wide variety of chairs, but the Aeron is their most comfortable and maybe even their most popular. A price of $1,255 includes a 12 year warranty and a chair made of over 50% recycled materials. When it is time to get rid of the chair 90% can be recycled again, so it is very environmentally friendly. Its simple design helps blood flow through the legs keeping you awake and alert. They offer it in three different sizes to fit everyone. If price is not a factor in choosing a chair, this is the top of the line office chair to choose that will provide you with maximum comfort and posture support.

Tip: If you are self-employed buying a new office chair can count as a tax write-off which helps lower your taxes!