Best CRM Platforms for Your Sales Teams

May 13, 2022
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When it comes to the success of a company all teams are important. However, when managing current and perspective clients, the sales team is the top of the chain. The sales team is in charge of making sure clients are aware and convinced that they need your company or organization. In order to best serve the company and their clients it is fundamental to success to have a CRM platforms that suits your maximum need to organize these clients.

Here is a constructed list of four of the best CRM platforms to help sales teams manage and organize work for their clients.


If you’re looking for a CRM platform that is easy to navigate and use, Monday is a great option. Monday makes it simple to import all data, customize to fit sales cycle, centralize communication, see overviews, and save lots of valuable time. Monday also offers a variety of organization options for specific needs of your company.


One of the best free options when choosing a CRM platform is HubSpot. They are known for being another extremely easy service to utilize. One of their quotes is, “100% free and always will be.” Customers of HubSpot claims that HubSpot is a great option for users on all levels of knowledge, experience and expertise.


When it comes to extremely intuitive platforms, Pipedrive is the go too. Privacy and security is hugely valued on this platform. Their reports dive deep into customized metrics for your specific company and can measure your set goals against your performance. They provide tons of upgrades to customize your experience.


When it comes to project management as well as sales, Insightly is a fantastic platform. Insightly also offers a free demo session where the platform is able to assess the needs of your team and company and provide the best opportunity for success.