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Author: Parker HuntVice President/Lending

I have been in the banking industry for 9 years and currently Vice President/Lending for CSB at our Edgewood Branch. I grew up farming and I still farm today. I enjoy finance and accounting so a career as an Ag Lender is a good fit for me. I will work with you to help grow and expand your Ag operation.

Expertise: Ag Leadership

Articles posted by Parker Hunt

What Should You Keep in Your Safe Deposit Box?

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Money & Metrics


Everybody has their own important documents or valuables that they want to keep safe. We like to think that the comfort of our homes is enough for those valuables, but it is best to take an extra step and buy a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are extremely useful when it comes to those important papers that you do … Read More

Cover Crop Benefits

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Ag

Csb Covercropbenefits

One of the ways that farmers can help preserve soil health and promote conservation is through planting cover crops on their farmland. Planting cover crops have been found to enhance soil organic matter, strengthen soil structures and biological functions. CSB Ag Lender, Parker Hunt, adds, “With large heavy rains seemingly more common, a cover crop can provide additional residue and … Read More

Why Training is Everyone’s Responsibility

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Leadership, Marketing & Selling, Operations & Processes, Recruitment & Retention, Uncategorized

Why Training Is Everyones Responsibility

A successful organization starts with the proper training of employees. Training employees ensures every employee knows what is expected and knows how to avoid errors–making the company more efficient. In order to train employees properly, everyone in the company needs to be involved in the process. If everyone is involved in training new employees, it will increase positive company culture … Read More

How Relevant is Print Media Today?

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Entrepreneurs & Start Ups, Marketing & Selling


There are so many ways to advertise your business. With technological advances like the internet and social media, the way we promote ourselves and our businesses has drastically changed. With every aspect of our lives going digital, is print media still relevant? Continue reading to learn some pros and cons of using print media as part of your advertising strategy. … Read More

Open a Business or Operate a Franchise: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Entrepreneurs & Start Ups, Operations & Processes


When opening a business there are usually two main options to choose from: one could create their own business completely from scratch or operate a franchised business. Both of these choices are great but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare: Franchising Advantage: With a franchise, it’s almost a guarantee success because of brand recognition alone. People recognize … Read More

5 Key Components of a Business Plan

Posted by Parker HuntPosted on Entrepreneurs & Start Ups


A business plan can help you create direction for future growth of your company. It should be a tool that gets updated as you learn more about your industry, customers, what works for marketing and what doesn’t. We hope this helps you create direction and purpose for your company. And just remember that there is no right or wrong way … Read More