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Author: Matt GoerdtVICE PRESIDENT/LENDING (NMLS ID# 493960)

I listen to your unique situation and together we devise a plan using the tools we have available. My goal is to help you become more successful.

Articles posted by Matt Goerdt

Record Sales for Land Prices

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

Csb Landprices

As prices for everything continue to rise, land prices are no exception. In the fall of 2021, land prices hit a record high, and auctioneers expect prices to stay strong through planting season. To understand the price projections for 2022, one must first look at the reflection of 2021 and the record sales from the fall. Reflection of Land Sales … Read More

The Rapid Increase in New and Used Equipment Costs

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

Csb Equipmentcosts

For years, tractors have depreciated at 10% per year. This was more or less predictable and reliable, with some minor inconsistencies, until 2021. Now, tractors are appreciating value at 27%. That number is more than a minor inconsistency, and it isn’t stopping in 2021. In 2022, the yield demand is as high as ever, but so are operating costs. The … Read More

Importance of Developing a Strong Ag Business Plan

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Ag

Csb Strongagbusinessplan

Having a clear and concise business plan is an extremely important step in having a successful business. Creating a business plan is normally done in two parts. The first is creating the plan; the second is implementation. The more specific and detailed your plan is, the easier it is to implement and utilize to build your business. What is a … Read More

How to Effectively Manage Employees at all Levels

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Leadership

How To Effectively Manage Employees At All Levels

Managing employees can be difficult regardless of the size of your business. There are key ideas that those who manage others should implement from day one of them being in charge. Continue reading to learn how to effectively manage your employees. Be an Effective Communicator As the leader of your business or organization, having good communication skills is pivotal to … Read More

Planning for 2021 – What is Important

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Operations & Processes

2020 12 16

Now that we are in the last month of 2020, it is time to look to the future and start planning for the new year. In light of everything that has gone on this year, there are important aspects of your business that need to be thought about and applied to your 2021 planning.  Take time to think Before starting … Read More

The Importance of Building Relationships with Your Customers

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Marketing & Selling

2020 09 01

Customers are the lifeblood of any business regardless of its size. Creating a strong bond with your customers can fuel your business for years if utilized correctly. Cultivating relationships with customers takes time. Keep reading to learn why building relationships with your customers is vital to your organization.    Improve Customer Retention Building strong relationships with customers helps guarantee that … Read More

How To Manage Employee Benefits As Health-Care Costs Continue To Rise

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Money & Metrics

Managing employee benefits as health-care costs rise

Unfortunately, health-care costs in the United States only seem to be increasing as time goes on. In 2020, according to CNBC.com, “Large employers predict the total cost of covering health insurance for workers and their families will hit an average of $15,375 in 2020, an increase of 5%, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health.” With … Read More

Types Of Benefits You Can Offer To Your Employees

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Entrepreneurs & Start Ups, Money & Metrics


Depending on the type of business you start, you may need help running your business. Typically, if you don’t have a business partner, you may begin the process of hiring employees. Although you already compensate your employees for their work, there are a wide variety of other benefits that can be offered to your employees. Required Benefits It is important … Read More

Best Credit Cards for Small Business Owners of 2019

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Money & Metrics


Running a business includes many day-to-day expenses. Ordering merchandise or materials, travel, and even office supplies all add cost to your overall budget. Instead of paying for all of this straight out of your personal bank account, sometimes, it makes more sense to use a credit card specifically for your business. Below is a list of the best credit cards … Read More

What is an SBA Loan? How Does it Differ from Standard Small Business Loans?

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Entrepreneurs & Start Ups, Money & Metrics


In many cases applying for a loan is critical for the establishment and success of your small business. Most banks or credit unions have a variety of small business loans, but one type that’s worth looking into is an SBA loan. What exactly is an SBA loan and how is it similar to a standard small business loan? Small Business … Read More

What Do I Do With This Large Purchase Order?

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Money & Metrics


Your company may have started off as a small business where transactions were basic and the amount exchanged was manageable. However, when a company starts to grow, the amount of money exchanged becomes higher which can create more details attached to each order. When basic e-mails or a phone call aren’t enough for your company to do business with suppliers, … Read More

Personal Credit vs Business Credit

Posted by Matt GoerdtPosted on Money & Metrics


You may know the significance of what the number attached to your personal credit score means but how does it differ from a business credit score? Personal Credit Score Your personal credit score is connected to your social security number and is curated by three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experion, and Transunion. It’s summarized by a number ranging from the … Read More