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Author: Luke ImslandLOAN OFFICER (NMLS ID# 1941717)

I work with agriculture and commercial customers on a game plan to realize success. Understanding your business’s specific goals and needs, I will assist you with in achieving financial success. I can also work with you on mortgage or consumer loans.

Articles posted by Luke Imsland

How to Attract Ideal Customers and How to Keep Them

Posted by Luke ImslandPosted on Leadership, Marketing & Selling, Money & Metrics


The success of an organization ultimately depends on the customers. The employees, culture, and leadership might contribute to this, but ultimately you cannot sustain a business without customers. Ideal customers may vary, but the strategies to attract them apply to most organizations. You will need to identify your ideal customer, and then use various marketing strategies to attract those customers. … Read More

Leadership Starts at the Top

Posted by Luke ImslandPosted on Leadership, Operations & Processes, Uncategorized


The adage “do as I say, not as I do” is not an effective form of leadership. A president of a company who strictly enforces early arrivals and late departures, but dips out early whenever she has a golf game to get to, is sending her employees mixed messages. True leadership starts at the top. Leaders in organizations need to … Read More