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Author: Kevin ElsburyLOAN (NMLS ID# 1836972)

If you're seeking agricultural or commercial credit I’m here to help. My goal is to provide sound financial advice for your various credit needs whether it be credit for crop operating, farmland or equipment purchases. I want be able to provide solutions to your individual operation on a personalized basis. I am also here to assist you with personal or recreational vehicle purchases.

Articles posted by Kevin Elsbury

Functional Office Spaces in 2022

Posted by Kevin ElsburyPosted on Recruitment & Retention


Productive Office Space vs Functional Office Space Within the last few years our idea of what a functional office space may have changed. A functional space is specified as a space where you are able to complete what needs to be done in a given amount of time. However, in today’s society we are learning that it is more important … Read More

Conducting More Effective Staff Meetings

Posted by Kevin ElsburyPosted on Operations & Processes


Couldn’t this have been an email? We hear this all the time from employees after sitting through yet another grueling staff meeting. Both employers and employees can tell when a meeting is ineffective. People are disengaged, they check their devices constantly and stare daggers at the clock as if willing it to tick faster. If you want to have more … Read More

Retaining Quality Talent – Why Do They Really Need to Stay?

Posted by Kevin ElsburyPosted on Leadership, Operations & Processes, Recruitment & Retention


If you ever wonder how your top employees feel about your organization, do not wait until they leave for another position to ask. Retaining quality talent can be a difficult task for organizations because it is a reflective process that takes time. Ultimately, it could also end up costing money at first, but you could gain it back in the … Read More