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Author: Jess AulwesHuman Resource Officer

Jess is energetic and enthusiastic about her role as Human Resource Officer. She strives to help every member of our team grow as leaders. Jess’s passion has always been people! Whether she is greeting customers or gathering Christmas gifts for children in need, Jess lets people know they matter. She sees value in every person and every position, and she loves to see others succeed.

Articles posted by Jess Aulwes

Developing Strong Habits as a Leader

Posted by Jess AulwesPosted on Leadership


It’s on your resume, without a doubt. “Exceptional leadership skills.” “Experience leading a team of people.” “Attended leadership training.” The buzz word “leadership” shows up everywhere, and there is plenty of information out there as to what it means to be a leader and how to develop strong leadership skills. What happens after that? When you find yourself in a … Read More

Mental Health Awareness for Your Organization

Posted by Jess AulwesPosted on Operations & Processes


Oftentimes in a meeting we might hear “take care of your mental health,” usually coming from leadership. A manager might suggest you “go home and relax” as an effort to protect your mental health. The problem is if there is a true mental health issue, “relaxing” isn’t going to solve it. Going home and taking a bath isn’t going to … Read More