5 Market Research Tools for Small Businesses

December 10, 2019
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At some point in time, it may prove valuable for your businesses’ growth to conduct market research. These tools can help you hone in on an ideal demographic of customers, follow trends for that market, and help you strategize how you will conduct business. Here are some resources you can utilize for your market research.


SimilarTech is a sales insight program that tracks the use of different technologies by consumers in real-time. They provide business insights by web crawling and generating data on popular searches, trends, and popular markets. You can also use this software to generate leads and prospective customers. There are multiple plans available; their most affordable plan starts at $290 per month. Find out more about how SimilarTech can help your business here.


Buzzsumo is an online tool you can use to find popular content that is being frequently shared across the internet. This tool is great if you are wanting to know the type of content that is most popular in your current market. They also offer many affordable plans for even the smallest of businesses. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of BuzzSumo here.


Even though “monkey” is in the title, this software has nothing to do with primates. SurveyMonkey offers surveys you can customize, and a suite of paid programs you can use for data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools. These surveys can be used to track how customers are responding to you. Along with these tools, SurveyMonkey offers brand management and marketing consulting for small businesses. They also have multiple affordable options available; see how easy it is to get started here.


Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool. It helps users improve their websites and increase their conversion rates by letting you observe and measure how consumers visit and use your website. Hotjar also offers in-depth reports showing where consumers spend most of their time on your website. This program offers 3 plan options, with their most basic plan being totally free. Find out how you can improve your website with Hotjar here.


Locowise is a social performance measurement tool for small businesses. By using Locowise, you are able to get extremely detailed data regarding your social media accounts, as well as social media trends in your area. You can also use this tool to track stats for your competitor’s social media pages in order to see what they are having success with. This is a great tool to help you build a stronger online presence for your business and maintain successful growth on your social media pages. Get all the details about Locowise here.

Whether you are just starting your business or you have been a business owner for decades, it is important to embrace technology. These programs were specifically designed to make a business owner’s life easier. By utilizing these programs, you may find it easier for your business to grow and thrive.