2020 – A Year of Learning for All Businesses

November 20, 2020
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2020 brought about a lot of unprecedented issues for businesses of all sizes. Running your business in the midst of a global pandemic can really throw a wrench in your plans for financial success. As the year inches closer to a close, there are some very important lessons business owners will take into account for future planning.

Believe in what you sell

Your business should be formed around a product or service you are passionate about. Without passion and care for what you do, having to fight to keep your business afloat during difficult times may not feel worth it to you. If you are determined to keep working hard and you believe in what you are doing (or selling) then you can overcome any obstacles.

There is no “I” in Team

Having a strong team is so crucial, especially in times of hardship and adversity. When you are used to working in an office setting, and that environment changes all at once, it can be hard to keep the same motivation and drive in yourself, let alone a whole team of people. With a lot of our work settings dramatically changing to working remotely, it can be hard to keep the same synergy as before. You really have to greatly depend on each person on your staff to keep up with the same goals as before. Communication and teamwork can be more difficult when you are no longer just steps away from each other, but a good leader knows how to keep their team motivated and moving forward regardless of the situation. A lot of businesses learned that lesson this year. In order to keep your business going, you have to have a tough team that cares about your business as much as you do.

Trust is everything

With our work environments changing so much so quickly, a great deal of trust has had to be placed on employees and staff. More than likely, each member of your staff is struggling with different issues or struggles during this unprecedented time. You personally may be dealing with stress and anxiety about keeping your business afloat during the economic crisis caused by COVID19. This may also be the first time you have had to have your business operate remotely. The best thing you can do is put your trust in your employees. Teamwork and faith in others is crucial during times like these. By giving your employees your full trust to continue to do their best work for you, even from home, you are showing them that you see how capable and valuable they are. Giving your employees this type of trust also helps them work harder to show you that they may be the perfect fit for future opportunities. Even though we are all stressed out during these times, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to grow and improve in our careers. Give them your trust, and 99% of the time, they will give you their best work.

Celebrate the Good

This year has had some pretty dark times. With so much bad happening in the world, it can be difficult to pull yourself or your team out of the darkness. Try your hardest to keep a positive mindset for you and your employees. Celebrate your team’s victories, regardless of how big or small they may be. This positivity will only help improve morale and boost the spirit of your employees. It will also help keep everyone motivated to achieve better. We all need to remember the good and work towards creating more positivity in our futures. Reflect with your team on a daily basis and talk about what went well that day. It is easy to get stuck on the negative. Don’t let the stress of this year carry into the years to come.

2020 has been a year that a lot of us will have a hard time forgetting. Many of us have never experienced a global pandemic. We all had a lot of learning and adapting to do. With that being said, we will all come out of this year stronger than we were before. We have learned more about our businesses, customers, employees, and ourselves. This knowledge will be key in prepping for the future and ensuring that if something like this ever happens again, we will be prepared.