2019 Employee Recruitment Trends

October 21, 2019
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According to Tradingeconomics.com, the United States overall employment rate is 61% as of September of 2019. With so many U.S. citizens already being employed, getting potential employees to leave their current jobs and join your company can be a challenge. The way people look for jobs has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Below are a handful of successful ways modern businesses are looking for their future employees.

Utilizing Online Job Boards

In this era of advanced technology, most people go online to find answers to their questions, shop, and some even use the internet to find their next job. There are hundreds of websites employers can use to find potential employees. Websites like Indeed and Glassdoor are more commonly used for everyday job postings. These websites allow people seeking jobs to submit their resumes and apply directly to jobs they are interested in. You can also talk directly to potential employees through these sites to set up interviews or even screen potential candidates. There are also more specialized sites like Zip Recruiter, which assess employee skills and match those candidates to specific jobs to apply for. The prescreening of candidates saves employers time and energy in deciding who is actually qualified for the job.

No More Paper Resumes

Asking people to drop off a paper resume is basically like asking someone to send you a message via a homing pigeon. Paper resumes, along with countless print materials are becoming more and more obsolete. Instead of requesting potential candidates to apply with paper applications and resumes, consider the digital route. Ask candidates to email you their resumes and have them complete a formal online application. This saves time, energy and paper!

Utilize Social Media

You can use social media for so much more than trading funny memes with your friends. When starting a business in 2019 it is almost an unsaid rule that you absolutely need to create a Facebook page for your business. Facebook has also rolled out a new feature to show that your business is hiring. You can post a job listing on the Facebook marketplace and review applications and resumes right on your page. You can also use Facebook advertising to share that your business is looking for new employees. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a job posting on Facebook.

Encourage Employee Referrals

You already took the time to find qualified employees on your own. Use those employees you already trust in the process of finding even more qualified employees. Implementing a referral program in your business may help keep a qualified stream of strong candidates already in the queue for the next time you have a job opening. Maybe offer your current team incentives for bringing you, qualified candidates. This is one way to help build a strong team and make your current employees feel valued and like they can be involved in the hiring process of their new co-workers.

Consider Looking Outside of Your Industry

Depending on the industry, it may prove to be a struggle to find candidates with work experience in your field. Consider pulling candidates from other fields whose skills could easily move to your field. Just because someone doesn’t have the same degree as you does not mean they aren’t qualified, they may just need some minimal training to gain a better understanding of your industry.

Hiring new employees may seem like a very time-consuming process, but it really doesn’t have to be. You can use modern technology and social media and create a streamlined hiring process to help you and your business continue growing and moving forward.